Have you ever wanted to ask a few question but did’t want to get into a long conversation with pushy sales-people… yeah us too!   That’s why we created “ASK US“, a simple straight forward way to ask without being bombarded with sales pitches.  

Questions like… 

  • What will show up on a background check?

  • How much will it cost and how long will it take to get results

  • I saw on CIS how they type in a name and stuff just starts popping up; is that for real?

  • Is there such a thing as a “Nationwide” or “Instant” background check?

  • Can I run background check on someone without them knowing about it?

  • What about Social Media, can I use what I see on someone’s social media for employment purposes?

  • What is “Permissible-Purpose” and do I need any special forms to run background checks?

We’ll answer all these and basically anything else you can think of in a low pressure, informative way, to help you make sense of it all and hopefully earn your respect first, and then your business. 

Ask US

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