Are Background Checks by State?

Are Background Checks by State?

One of the primary questions organizations consider when choosing a new background screening provider is, “Are background checks by state?” This question underscores the need for a comprehensive, swift, affordable, and compliant screening process aligned with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and pertinent local and state laws. EDIFY Background Screening excels in delivering such services, ensuring a meticulous and lawful background screening for its clients.

Scope and Jurisdiction Explored

The scope and jurisdictions of a background check are determined based on the client’s needs, focusing significantly on the applicant’s 7-year address history. This thorough approach may includes searches across whole states and/or specific counties within those states, tailored to the comprehensive nature of the background check ordered. Additionally, such detailed searches ensure that employers gain a full understanding of an applicant’s background, enhancing the hiring process’s integrity and compliance.

Importance of Background Checks for Employers

Background checks serve as a cornerstone for employers in safeguarding their operations, evidenced by the following advantages:

  1. Enhancing Workplace Safety: Identifying individuals with violent or harmful past behaviors helps in fostering a safer workplace environment.
  2. Minimizing Financial Risks: Comprehensive screenings can significantly reduce the likelihood of theft, fraud, and other financially detrimental activities.
  3. Ensuring Legal Compliance: Adherence to regulations and laws through diligent background checks helps in avoiding fines and legal challenges.

Components of a Typical Background Check

The background check process begins with a Social Security trace to verify the applicant’s identity and map out their address history. Following this, an extensive review of both public and private records may include:

  • Social Security Trace: Establishes identity and identifies jurisdictions for further searches.
  • Criminal History: Searches through national, state, and county records.
  • Employment Verification: Validates the applicant’s employment history.
  • Education Verification: Confirms educational credentials and achievements.
  • Motor Vehicle Records (MVR): Evaluates driving history for relevant insights into the candidate’s responsibility.
  • Sex Offender Registry Searches: Identifies any registrations on state and national sex offender databases, crucial for roles involving vulnerable populations.
  • Security Watch List Searches: Reviews national and international databases to check for any associations with terrorism or other security threats.

These components collectively ensure a comprehensive evaluation, essential for informed hiring decisions.

Verification Process Unveiled

Verification steps, such as confirming employment history and educational credentials, are conducted through direct contact with the listed entities, ensuring the information’s validity. This crucial phase verifies the authenticity of the applicant’s claims, reinforcing the hiring decision’s reliability.

Tailoring Background Screening Programs

Background screening programs are not universal; they require customization to meet the specific demands of the job and the responsibility level associated with the position. The appropriateness of a screening program varies from one organization to another, reflecting the unique risks involved.


Addressing the initial inquiry, “Are background checks by state?”—background checks indeed encompass state-wide and county-specific searches, adjusted to the depth required by the background screening. Organizations looking for a dependable, proficient, and economical background screening provider will find EDIFY Background Screening to be an invaluable partner. With our advanced technology and expertise, we navigate the complexities of background checks to ensure a secure, compliant hiring process.

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