Can Background Checks See Expunged Records?

Can Background Checks See Expunged Records?

The Nature of Expunged Records in Background Checks

For organizations in the process of selecting a new background screening provider, it’s paramount to opt for a service that is not only comprehensive, fast, and affordable but also adheres strictly to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and all pertinent local and state laws. A question that often arises during this selection process is whether background checks can reveal expunged records.

The Status of Expunged Records

Expunged records, by their very nature, are legally removed from public view and are not reportable. This means that once a record has been expunged, it should not appear in any background check report and cannot be used for employment or tenant screening purposes. Compliance with the FCRA and relevant state laws ensures that expunged records are treated appropriately, safeguarding the privacy and rights of the individuals involved.

Components of a Background Check

Background checks encompass a wide range of components, designed to offer a comprehensive overview of an individual’s history. These typically include:

  • Social Security Trace: Validates the subject’s social security number and uncovers any aliases or history of address changes.
  • Sex Offender Search: Identifies any matches in national sex offender registries.
  • Security Watch Lists Search: Ensures compliance and security by screening against various domestic and international watch lists.
  • Criminal History: Searches for any convictions or pending cases in state, national, and, if applicable, international criminal records.
  • Driving Records: Reveals the individual’s driving history, including any violations or suspensions.
  • Education Verification: Confirms the authenticity of the subject’s educational achievements.
  • Employment History: Verifies past employment, including positions and duration.
  • Additional Checks: Depending on the requirements, additional checks may include credit history, professional license verification, and drug testing.

Timing of Background Checks

Background checks are most commonly conducted after a conditional offer of employment has been extended but before the candidate’s official start date. This timing allows employers to make informed hiring decisions, ensuring they are bringing on board individuals who meet their standards for integrity and reliability, while also remaining compliant with legal guidelines.

The Background Check Process

The process of conducting a background check is meticulous and involves several steps:

  1. Consent and Information Collection: Initially, the candidate must provide written consent for the background check, along with the necessary personal information.
  2. Search Execution: The background screening provider utilizes both public and private records to conduct a thorough search based on the employer’s requirements.
  3. Analysis and Reporting: The findings are analyzed and compiled into a report, which is then provided to the employer, highlighting any pertinent information or areas of concern.

It’s important to note that public records are accessible and can include court records, driving history, and sex offender registries, among others. Private records, which may encompass certain databases and employment histories, require consent and sometimes specific requests for access.

Choosing the Right Background Screening Provider

Selecting a qualified consumer reporting agency like EDIFY Background Screening is crucial for employers who need to conduct background checks efficiently and affordably, without compromising on comprehensiveness or compliance. Our expertise and advanced technology ensure that we navigate the intricacies of accessing and interpreting both public and private records effectively.

At EDIFY Background Screening, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of compliance and accuracy, ensuring that expunged records are treated with the confidentiality and respect they deserve. Our comprehensive background check services are designed to meet the unique needs of our clients, providing peace of mind and reliable results.

For further information on how EDIFY Background Screening can assist in your background check requirements, ensuring both efficiency and compliance, please contact us at 336-283-0237 or Visit our website at to learn more about our tailored services.

Choosing EDIFY Background Screening means partnering with a provider that understands the importance of thorough, accurate, and legally compliant background checks. Allow us to support your hiring and tenant screening processes, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for your organization.

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