How Background Verification is Done?

How Background Verification is Done?

In the process of hiring or engaging in new partnerships, the question “How background verification is done?” is pivotal for entities aiming for due diligence. This article aims to illuminate the process of background verification, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive, fast, affordable, and FCRA-compliant background screening provider. Understanding this process is crucial for prospective clients who seek to ensure the integrity and safety of their environments.

How Background Checks Work

Background verification is a thorough process that involves several steps, designed to validate the personal and professional claims of an individual. It starts with obtaining consent from the person being verified and proceeds with collecting, analyzing, and validating their information across various criteria.

Common Components of a Typical Background Check

  • Social Security Trace: This initial step verifies the applicant’s Social Security Number (SSN), which is crucial for confirming identity and tracing address history.
  • Criminal History Check: Searches across county, state, and federal databases to identify any criminal records.
  • Employment Verification: Confirms the accuracy of an individual’s employment history, job titles, and tenure at previous organizations.
  • Education Verification: Validates degrees, diplomas, and certificates listed by the individual.
  • Credit History Check: Assesses financial responsibility, particularly relevant for positions that involve financial management or access to sensitive financial information.
  • Drug Screening: Conducted to ensure compliance with company policies regarding drug use.

Steps of the Background Check Process

  1. Consent: Obtaining written consent from the individual is a prerequisite for conducting any background check, in compliance with the FCRA and other privacy laws.
  2. Collection of Information: Gathering detailed information from the individual, including full name, date of birth, SSN, and previous addresses.
  3. Research: Utilizing public and private databases to gather relevant data. This includes criminal records, credit reports, and educational and employment records.
  4. Verification: Each piece of gathered information is verified for accuracy. For employment and education verifications, this may involve contacting previous employers and educational institutions directly.
  5. Compilation of Report: A comprehensive report is compiled, summarizing the findings and highlighting any discrepancies or areas of concern.

How Verifications are Done

Verifications are conducted through direct contact with institutions or companies or by accessing official databases. For example:

  • Employment Verification involves contacting previous employers to confirm the individual’s employment status, tenure, and job title.
  • Education Verification requires reaching out to educational institutions to authenticate diplomas, degrees, and certifications claimed.
  • Criminal Records are verified through courthouse records, national databases, and sometimes even international databases, depending on the depth of the background check.

How Far Back a Background Check Goes

The scope of the search can vary depending on the type of check and jurisdiction. Typically, criminal background checks look back 7 to 10 years, but certain states have laws that limit the reporting period for convictions.

What Typically Shows Up in the Results

Results can include a wide array of information, from confirmation of an individual’s identity and clean criminal record to details of financial irresponsibility, falsified educational credentials, or a history of substance abuse.


Understanding “How background verification is done” is fundamental for organizations that prioritize the safety, integrity, and compliance of their operations. For those in search of a reliable partner to conduct these verifications, EDIFY Background Screening offers a suite of services that meet the demands for thoroughness, compliance, speed, and affordability.

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