Running a personal background check on yourself is a proactive step, especially when considering a new job or a move. Many employers, especially in sectors like law enforcement, childcare, and financial services, require background screenings as part of their hiring process. Landlords, too, often rely on these checks to vet potential tenants.

Benefits of a Self Background Check with EDIFY

Conducting a self-check through EDIFY Background Screening allows you to see what potential employers or landlords might uncover. This proactive approach lets you:

  • Address any questions or concerns in advance, offering context around any information in the report. This can help clarify any records and reassure potential employers or landlords.
  • Spot and rectify any inaccuracies or errors, which might arise from misreported data or identity theft incidents. This ensures you can address discrepancies before they’re seen by potential employers or landlords.
  • Save both time and money. While you can gather much of this information independently, navigating public records and liaising with government agencies can be tedious and potentially more expensive than working with a specialized background check company like EDIFY.

What’s Included in a Background Check?

The depth of a background check depends on the specific requests of potential employers or landlords and the relevant laws. An EDIFY report might encompass:

  • Social Security number (SSN) Trace: Reveals details associated with your SSN, including names and addresses. This data can guide further searches, like county-specific criminal background checks.
  • Criminal Records: These can span from felony and misdemeanor convictions to infractions and violations. The depth and lookback period can vary based on state laws.
  • Employment and Education Histories: Verifies past employers, roles, academic institutions, degrees, and attendance dates.
  • Driving Records: Details on license status, violations, and more.
  • Credit History: Offers insights into financial behaviors without revealing your credit score.
  • Specialized Searches: These can span global watchlists to sex offender registries.

Legal Considerations

Various laws influence how background checks are used. “Ban the Box” laws in many jurisdictions dictate when employers can inquire about criminal histories. The FCRA mandates proper disclosure and authorization before conducting a background check. It also grants individuals rights, like knowing what’s in their file and disputing inaccuracies. If a background check influences an adverse hiring decision, employers must notify the individual.

Getting Your Personal Self Background Check with EDIFY

EDIFY Background Screening offers a streamlined process for individuals to run personal background checks. While you can manually compile this data, working with EDIFY ensures accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. By reviewing your personal background check through EDIFY, you gain insights into what potential employers or landlords might find, allowing you to address any issues proactively.  CLICK HERE to get started running a personal self background check on yourself today!

For businesses, EDIFY provides a range of screening options to aid informed hiring decisions. Our platform emphasizes fair hiring practices, minimizing biases, and ensuring candidates are treated justly. Start your journey with EDIFY today.

Disclaimer: The resources and information provided here are for educational and informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Always consult your own counsel for up-to-date legal advice and guidance related to your practices, needs, and compliance with applicable laws.