If you’re asking ‘Is An Instant Background Checks Good Enough?” then you’ve likely come across across those enticing ads on TV or Google promoting “Cheap Instant Background Checks” or the promise to “Check Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime”? While the low price tags (often under $10) and the allure of “Cheap and Instant” results might seem appealing, these services are a ticking time bomb from an employment perspective.

Why? Because they’re not legal for employment, volunteer, or business screenings. These companies aren’t Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) and don’t adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Instead, they operate as entertainment entities without the legal mandate to provide employment screening records. Dive into the fine print on their sites, and you’ll uncover the unsettling truth: not only are you potentially wasting money, but you’re also exposing your organization to expensive litigation.

For instance, a widely advertised firm seen on both TV and the internet states in their website Terms of Service that: “WE ARE NOT A CONSUMER REPORTING AGENCY AS DEFINED BY THE FCRA… THE INFORMATION PROVIDED BY US IS NOT FOR EMPLOYMENT PURPOSES…”

You shouldn’t have to play detective, sifting through buried terms to determine the legitimacy of your provider. A credible firm will proudly declare its status as a Consumer Reporting Agency and membership in the Professional Association of Background Screeners.  A professional CRA will ensure their services align with Federal, State, and Local laws and the results you see are suitable for employment purposes.

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