What Background Checks Do Companies Do?

What Background Checks Do Companies Do?

The question “What background checks do companies do?” is increasingly relevant in today’s business environment, where the integrity and reliability of employees are paramount. Prospective clients in search of a new background screening provider must prioritize finding a service that is not only comprehensive, fast, and affordable but also compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and local and state laws. Such diligence ensures that their hiring processes are not only efficient but also legally sound, safeguarding the company and its workforce.

The Role of Background Checks in Companies

Background checks serve several critical functions for companies:

  • Ensuring Candidate Authenticity: Verifying the accuracy of the information provided by candidates regarding their employment history, education, and professional credentials.
  • Maintaining Workplace Safety: Identifying potential hires with histories of violent or harmful behavior to maintain a safe working environment.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Meeting industry-specific and federal and state regulatory requirements to avoid fines and legal complications.
  • Protecting Company Assets: Screening for individuals with a history of criminal behavior to protect physical and intellectual property.

How Background Checks Work for Companies

The background check process generally involves the following steps:

  1. Consent: Obtaining consent from the candidate, as required by the FCRA, is the first step to ensure compliance.
  2. Collection of Information: Gathering essential information from the candidate, such as name, date of birth, and Social Security number.
  3. Research: Accessing and compiling data from public and private records, including criminal records, employment history, educational background, and motor vehicle records.
  4. Verification: Directly verifying claims about employment and education by contacting previous employers and educational institutions.
  5. Compilation of Report: Preparing a comprehensive report that summarizes the findings and highlights any potential concerns.

Common Components of a Typical Company Background Check

  • Social Security Trace: Validates the candidate’s identity and address history.
  • Criminal Records Check: Searches for any criminal history across local, state, and national databases.
  • Employment Verification: Confirms the candidate’s previous job titles, employment durations, and job performance.
  • Education Verification: Checks the validity of degrees and certifications claimed by the candidate.
  • Credit History Check: Assesses financial responsibility for roles involving financial management.
  • Motor Vehicle Records: Reviews driving history, especially important for positions that require driving.

Customizing Background Screening Programs

It’s vital for companies to develop a background screening program tailored to the specific needs of the job and the level of responsibility assigned. The appropriate depth and breadth of a background check can vary significantly depending on the position’s inherent risks and the company’s industry standards.

How Far Back Does a Background Check Go?

The scope of a background check, including how far back it searches, can vary. While typically ranging from 7 to 10 years for criminal history, specific regulations and the nature of the job may necessitate adjustments to this period.

What Typically Shows Up in the Results

Results can range from a clean record to disclosures of past criminal offenses, discrepancies in employment or education history, and problematic driving records. Each piece of information is crucial for making informed hiring decisions.


Understanding “What background checks do companies do?” underscores the necessity of a meticulous and compliant hiring process. For businesses seeking a trusted background screening provider, EDIFY Background Screening offers the expertise, technology, and customer service required to conduct detailed and efficient background investigations.

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