When searching for a new background screening provider, it’s crucial to find a service that is not only comprehensive and fast but also affordable and compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and local and state laws. Understanding the complexity and importance of this process can be overwhelming. This article aims to demystify background checks, providing insight into how they work, their common components, and the overall process to help you determine which background check is best for your organization. Furthermore, we will highlight the significance of running background checks and why EDIFY Background Screening stands out as a qualified consumer reporting agency.

How Background Checks Work

Background checks are a critical tool for employers, property managers, and non-profit organizations to verify the information provided by applicants and to ensure a safe and compliant decision-making process. These checks can range from verifying social security numbers to a comprehensive review of an individual’s criminal history, employment history, education, and even credit history, depending on the position’s requirements.

The process typically involves collecting consent from the individual being screened and then using various databases to gather information. This information can come from both public records (like court records and government databases) and private records (including past employment records and educational records).

Common Components of a Typical Background Check

  1. Identity Verification: Ensures the applicant is who they claim to be.
  2. Criminal History Check: Searches for any criminal records at the county, state, and federal levels.
  3. Employment Verification: Confirms the applicant’s employment history.
  4. Education Verification: Validates degrees and certifications claimed by the applicant.
  5. Credit History Check: Assesses the applicant’s financial responsibility (primarily for financially sensitive positions).
  6. Reference Checks: Gathers insights on the applicant’s character and work ethic from provided references.

Steps of the Background Check Process

  1. Obtain Consent: The FCRA requires written consent from the individual before conducting a background check.
  2. Collect Information: Personal details such as full name, date of birth, social security number, and address history are collected.
  3. Research: Utilize both public and private databases to gather relevant information.
  4. Analysis: Information is reviewed and verified for accuracy.
  5. Report: A detailed report is compiled and provided to the employer or entity requesting the background check.

Importance of Running Background Checks

  • Safety and Security: Background checks help ensure the safety of employees, customers, and property by identifying potential risks.
  • Compliance: Helps organizations comply with industry regulations and avoid potential legal issues.
  • Quality Hiring: Ensures that candidates have the qualifications and background that they claim.


  • Organizations that conduct thorough background checks experience a 55% lower turnover rate compared to those that do not.
  • 75% of HR managers have found inaccuracies in resumes during the background screening process.


Choosing the best background check depends on finding a provider that offers comprehensive, fast, affordable, and legally compliant services. Understanding how background checks work, their components, and the overall process is crucial for any organization seeking to make informed and safe hiring decisions.

EDIFY Background Screening emerges as a leading choice for those in need of a qualified consumer reporting agency. With our commitment to efficiency, affordability, and compliance with FCRA and local and state laws, we ensure that your background investigations are conducted thoroughly and with the utmost care. We invite prospective clients to explore our services and experience the EDIFY difference in meeting your background screening needs.

For more information, contact EDIFY Background Screening at 336-283-0237 or visit www.edifyscreening.com. Let us be your partner in making informed and secure decisions through comprehensive background screening services.

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