Why Background Checks are Important?

Why Background Checks are Important?

In today’s fast-paced and compliance-driven business environment, conducting thorough background checks is more than just a prudent hiring practice – it’s a critical step in safeguarding your organization’s reputation, productivity, and security. As a prospective client looking for a new background screening provider, understanding the importance of comprehensive, fast, affordable, and legally compliant background checks is essential. Here’s why:

1. Enhanced Workplace Safety and Security

  • Statistic: A study revealed that 36% of all applications contain some form of a lie or falsified credential.
  • Impact: Background checks help identify candidates with a history of violent or criminal behavior, reducing the risk of workplace violence and theft. This leads to a safer and more secure work environment for all employees.

2. Improved Quality of Hire

  • Statistic: Research indicates that 85% of job applicants lie on resumes.
  • Impact: Comprehensive background checks ensure that you hire candidates who possess the skills, experience, and education they claim. This significantly enhances the overall quality of your workforce and aligns with your company’s standards.

3. Compliance with Legal and Regulatory Standards

  • Statistic: Negligent hiring lawsuits have resulted in employers paying out millions in damages.
  • Impact: Employers have a legal obligation to provide a safe workplace. Failing to conduct proper background checks can lead to negligent hiring claims. Background checks help in complying with FCRA and local and state laws, thus mitigating legal risks.

4. Protecting Company Reputation

  • Hiring individuals with problematic histories can tarnish your organization’s reputation. Background checks help maintain a positive public image by ensuring that your staff reflects the values and integrity of your company.

5. Cost-Effective Business Practice

  • The cost of a bad hire far exceeds the cost of a background check. Screening applicants prevent financial losses due to employee theft, fraud, and high turnover rates associated with unsuitable hires.


Understanding the critical role of background checks in the hiring process is the first step toward protecting and enhancing your organization. To navigate this vital process, it’s advisable to partner with a qualified consumer reporting agency. EDIFY Background Screening stands out as a reliable partner in this regard. We offer extensive experience and advanced technology to conduct thorough background investigations efficiently and affordably. Our commitment to compliance with the FCRA and local and state laws ensures that your background checks are not only comprehensive but also legally sound. Reach out to EDIFY Background Screening for a solution that balances thoroughness, speed, affordability, and legal compliance, setting the foundation for a safer, more competent workforce.

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