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Our Story

our story | started with a desire to serve others


Welcome to EDIFY Background Screening, a company built to serve your needs where we prioritize people over profits. As a company, we firmly believe in the fundamental importance of servant leadership and we are committed to going above and beyond to ensure your success and safety.

EDIFY Background Screening was founded in 2010 out of our founder’s frustration with not being able to find a responsive and affordable background screening provider for a small non-profit organization that only needed to run a hand-full of background checks per year.  Initially the goal was to provide professional, personalized, and affordable background checks for smaller organizations viewed as “small potatoes”, but it quickly became apparent that larger organizations were suffering as well from poor service, outdated technology, and the clunky processes of larger and older legacy providers that had forgotten what it was like truly serve people and put the needs of their clients first.

At EDIFY, we have developed our services with your specific needs in mind. Our continuous efforts to enhance and expand our capabilities allow us to offer premium Fortune 500 level employment background screening products and services to organizations nationwide. Unlike self-described “technology firms” providing background checks that prioritize profits for their private-equity owners and offer pre-configured, generic solutions, we take the time to understand your requirements. We collaborate with you to create custom solutions that cater to the unique needs of your organization, ensuring you stand out from the crowd of 100,000 others.

our difference | is our values and commitment to you

At Edify Screening, one of the main things about us is our core values are more than just words—they form the foundation of our commitment to providing top-tier employment screening and volunteer screening services. From verifying criminal records to conducting meticulous background checks, our values of transparency, ethics, excellence, and compassion guide us in creating a safer, more trustworthy environment for organizations and individuals alike.

Transparent Practices: Our business operations are anchored on honesty. We believe in providing clear, comprehensible, and transparent services to ensure consistent quality in our background check solutions and screening processes.

Ethical Interactions: Our relationships are based on integrity and mutual respect. From our customers to our employees, we value and respect everyone’s individual beliefs and seek to being honorable and above reproach in how we earn a living, and how we interact with our customers, applicants, employees, and consumers.

Quality Execution: Excellence is a core principle in our daily operations. We pride ourselves on delivering accurate, thorough, and fast background checks, contributing to safer workplaces and communities.

Compassionate Service: Love is not just an emotion for us; it’s an action that drives our service. We truly care for people, which is demonstrated in our diligent customer service and commitment to creating trustworthy environments where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

Each value underpins our overarching objective of fostering secure, reputable, and respectful environments for businesses and individuals. We’re not just a background check company, we’re partners invested in your peace of mind and safety.

Our Difference

our promise | affordable background checks tailored to your needs

Our Promise

Here at EDIFY, we get it – you want top-notch background checks that won’t break the bank. We’ve worked hard to find that sweet spot between great quality and fair pricing. And with your needs in mind you can trust us to keep your hiring process smooth, reliable, and cost-effective.

When you team up with us, you’re getting more than just a service. You’re getting a dedicated crew that really gets your needs. We’re all about helping you succeed and we won’t stop until we’ve nailed your specific needs. With our deep know-how and never-quit attitude, you can feel confident knowing your organization and the folks it affects are in good hands. Count on EDIFY for background checks that are thorough, affordable, and help make your hiring decisions easier.

our mission | your safety and continued success

Our mission at Edify Background Screening is to empower our clients with the essential information they need to succeed, providing professional, personalized, and affordable background checks while prioritizing transparency, integrity, excellence, and reliable service.

our mission

Get the White Glove Treatment.

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