Self Background Check

Run a background check on yourself before your potential employer

Prepare for job interviews or rental lease applications with confidence by running a background check on yourself with Edify Screening’s Self-Checks. Our service lets you easily check your own background, using the same databases as employers and landlords, ensuring you know what they’ll find.

Edify Screening puts you in control of your personal information with affordable background checks available whenever you need.

Edify Screening for all employers

A self background check puts you in the driver’s seat of  your future

Doing a background check on yourself is like getting a sneak peek at what your future boss might dig up. Here’s why it’s a good move:”

  1. Preparation for Discussions: A personal background checks gives you an idea of what questions or issues may arise. For instance, if there’s a particular record in your history, you can prepare to clarify the situation, reassuring any future employer that you’re reliable and trustworthy.
  2. Accuracy Check: You can look for any mistakes in the information in the report. These errors could come from incorrect reporting or even identity theft. Identifying these issues gives you the chance to dispute and correct them before a potential employer requests a report.
  3. Time and Money Saving: Opting for a third-party background check from EDIFY can be more efficient and cost-effective than trying to gather all the details yourself. Acquiring public records and dealing with government agencies can be a time-consuming and expensive process typically costing you more than our service, so using a EDIFY can save you both time and money.

PLUS…even if you believe there’s nothing concerning in your history, performing a self-check can give you peace of mind and help you prevent surprises, potential setbacks, and rejections.”

we take the hassle out, saving you time and money

In today’s gig-driven world, a lot of companies are asking you to sort out your own background checks, but they don’t give much guidance on how or where to get it done. They say, ‘Just head to the courthouse,’ but that’s not as simple as it sounds. You’ve got to deal with the journey, parking costs, figuring out which office to visit, paying admin fees, and then waiting ages just to get a slice of the information you need. To top it all off, most courthouses have restricted access and limited hours. It can be a real headache!

That’s why we’re ready to go to work for you by removing the frustration, hassle, delays, and unnecessary expense out of getting your self background check completed.

Plus, we will save you time and money over trying to do it yourself, and the report we provide will be compliant and ready to use!

Affordable self background check packages cover many of the most common uses and employment types

Our Self-Check Packages cover many of the most common uses and employment types; PLUS if you don’t see what you need, just give us a call and we’ll configure a Self Background Check for you quickly and affordably customized to your needs.



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