Background checks operate by gathering information from a variety of sources to provide a detailed report on an individual’s history and credentials. They are initiated with the individual’s consent, and proceed by collecting basic details such as name, date of birth, and Social Security number. Specialized background screening agencies, also refereed to as consumer reporting agencies (CRAs),  then cross-reference this data with various databases, including criminal records, credit bureaus, educational institutions, and past employers, to compile a comprehensive profile.

The depth and scope of a background check can vary based on its purpose. For instance, an employer might focus on verifying employment history and checking for criminal records, while a landlord might be more interested in a potential tenant’s credit history. It’s essential to note that there are legal regulations in place, such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) in the U.S., which dictate how background checks can be conducted and used, ensuring the process is fair and respects individual privacy rights.

EDIFY Background Screening offers a streamlined and efficient background check system tailored for today’s digital age. Our platform, optimized for both desktop and mobile use, ensures that HR teams, hiring managers, and candidates are always informed. From the moment consent is given, through to the final report, everyone involved is kept in the loop.

With EDIFY, HR professionals benefit from a clear and intuitive dashboard that presents results in an understandable manner, aiding in informed hiring decisions. Candidates are not left in the dark either; they have access to their full reports, and possess the ability to dispute any inaccurate information and to append additional information to provide context for items that may be contained with a background screening report.