The cost of a background check can vary widely based on its depth, scope, and the specific services or agencies utilized. Basic checks, which might include a simple criminal record search or employment verification, can be relatively inexpensive, often ranging from $20 to $50. However, more comprehensive checks that delve into detailed credit histories, international records, or multiple references can be more costly, sometimes reaching several hundred dollars.

Several factors can influence the price. For instance, accessing certain databases, court records, and DMV records might come with specific jurisdiction fees. Additionally, verifications such as employment or education often have third-party fees that can also add to the cost.

EDIFY Background Screening adopts a flexible and client-centric approach to pricing. We offer package pricing, allowing clients to bundle specific services tailored to their immediate needs. This ensures that clients aren’t paying for unnecessary components. However, we understand that sometimes situations evolve, and a more in-depth background check may become essential. In such cases, EDIFY provides the option to upgrade to a higher-tier package, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Our a la carte services further allow customization, ensuring that each background check is both thorough and cost-effective. With EDIFY, clients can be confident they’re receiving the precise services they require without any excess expenditure.

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